All about Young Sen


Q: What is your preferred genre of music to perform? What is your preferred genre of music when not performing?

A: Rap/hip hop, when not performing still rap but I love spanish music too like reggaeton.

Q: When did you know music was going to be a factor in your life?

A: Since I was like 10

Q: What do you like most about your career? What do you like least about your career?

A: I like that I’m a female, there’s not a lot of girls who do what I do or who are cut out to handle it. I also love that, I can be an inspiration to younger girls and make them more confident in chasing their own dreams. What I like the least is that since I’m a girl in a male dominated industry, guys THINK they can take advantage of me and constantly waste my time.

Q: Who inspires you the most? Why?

A: My mom inspires me because she’s always been so supportive of my music career and she’s shown me by example what it’s like to have to work twice as hard in life to get only have of what others get easily.

Q: Are you working on a new project? If so do you know when you will release it?

A: I’m currently working on a small EP, 3-4 tracks which will be followed by a complete project/mixtape. The mixtape has no date yet but the EP should be dropping in soon (or now depending on when blog is released).

Q: What is one long term goal that you have set with your career?

A: A long term goal of mine is to redefine the ideal of female rappers to show that you don’t have to fit a particular mold to be successful, you can just be yourself. Another goal is to earn enough money to put my nieces and godson through college.

Q: If you could work with anybody who would you work with and why?

A:  I would work with Lil Uzi because he’s dope and the clout doesn’t go to his head.

Q: What do you specifically enjoy about A.L.I.E.N Entertainment?

A: I love how A.L.I.E.N got so many different hustles whether it’s producing, recording, or photography. It’s got everything you need.

Q: What is your favorite place you have been to when traveling? Why?

A: My favorite place I have been to is Dominican Republic because that’s my home and that’s where my people are!

Q: What is one thing you would want the public to know about yourself?

A: I would want them to know that I mix & record my music in my house I don’t go to the studio and if you an aspiring artist don’t be afraid to learn how to do things on your own you’ll get better at your craft and you’ll save big bucks. Also don’t be sleeping on me these next couple months gonna be MAJOR, all ima say.