Meet Rhode Island artist Knellz


Q: What genre of music do you prefer to work on?

A:  I primary write hiphop/rap music but often times I do make R&b, alternative or pop tracks. I listen to so many different genres of music, so I feel like my music is always going to be a reflection of that.

Q: As a newer artist, what are some of the obstacles you have to go through?

A: I’ve been making music for so long, but it was only in the past few years that I decided to dive head first into it as something more than a hobby.  The hardest part is the business aspect of things that a lot of people don’t realize. Making the records is one thing, but creating a brand and marketing it is a whole different ball game.

Q: What do you like most about this industry? What do you like the least?

A: What I like most about the industry is making connections with like minded individuals, I’ve met so many incredible and inspiring people. Also, I like being able to impact people's lives with my music at a higher level. Reach the masses. What I like least? All the funny business and fakeness that comes with doing this. No one understands unless you live it.

Q: Where did your inspiration come from for your song Talk Facts?

A: With Talk Facts I really wanted to make a feel good song for people. I wanted an anthem that everyone could sing along to. I turn to music to get me through all my emotions whether those emotions are pleasant or not. I wanted this to be the song you put on when you want to be hyped up, when you wanna talk your shit.

Q: It is noticed that you have many tattoos, what is one of your favorite tattoos and what is the meaning behind it?

A: I love tattoos. My favorite one is probably a small rabbits foot on my arm that I got stick and poked by this great artist named Littany. When I was a kid my dad always had a rabbit's foot charm hanging from his rear view mirror and I thought it was so cool. It just reminds me of him and my childhood. Plus the experience of getting it was fun and organic. She made me banana bread.

Q: When you were younger what did you want to do when you grew up?

A: I was a pretty ambitious kid. I guess things haven’t changed. I was hell bent on being in a band although I couldn’t play an instrument for shit. Then I was determined to be a  professional skateboarder. I wasn’t really your traditional kid in that sense, that like wanted to be a firefighter or an astronaut.

Q: What is a short term goal that you have?

A: My short term goal is to keep pushing the Talk Facts video and put out the follow up, which is the video for Exhausted. I’m really excited for that. I have a bunch of personal stuff that I’m working towards too. Always.

Q: What do you like the most and the least about Rhode Island?

A: What I love most about Rhode Island is how many different cultures there are in such a small place. In 20 minutes you can be around so many different cultures and people. I like that a lot, and how close everything is. We really take that for granted. I could go on and on about what I love. What I like the least? These potholes. Period.

Q: Did you ever play an instrument in your life before? If so what was/ is it?

A:  I played a few instruments. My older brother played bass and I idolized him so I played his. Then I got an electric guitar and acoustic. I played drums, keyboard, shit I even had a harmonica. I sucked at absolutely everything. My parents didn’t have money for lessons and there weren’t a lot resources to learn at the time. So I just stuck with writing.

Q: What do you like the most about A.L.I.E.N Entertainment, with what you know?

A:  A.L.I.E.N is dope. I met Ben and Lito and a ton of others through recording at Music Factory with JD. They always showed me love and support from the first time I stepped foot in there, they’re just genuinely good people. They put on dope events and have a good team. I love what they do. Everyone is talented and plays a pivotal role.

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