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Q:When did you know art was going to be a big part of your life?

A: I didn’t really know until recently. It was always something I enjoyed, and it was always a part of my life. I could easily find the beauty it normal, everyday things and that’s how I knew I had an artistic mind.

Q:Who is your all time favorite artist? Why?

A: I don’t have a favorite artist. It would be easy to rattle off famous people that I admire but I get most of my inspiration from people in my generation. It’s so important to pay attention to the artists that are alive, not dead because we’re the ones shaping the future.

Q:What is your preferred medium to work with?

A: I love working with acrylics even though I do a lot of collage work and use a lot of glitter lol.

Q:Have you used your art to comment on any social or political issues, if so how?

A: In a direct way, no, I don’t think so. On a broad scale though, yes, in many ways. I feel like it touches the surfaces of many problems we’re facing but ultimately we’re living in a time where the female body has an interesting way of being praised (if we can even call it that). My art shows that we are beautiful.

Q: As an artist how do you seek out new opportunities?

A: I just try to keep my eyes open. I have a lot of friends, family, and even fans that look out for me too. When they see opportunities, they’ll give me a call. It’s actually pretty amazing all the love I get.

Q: What is your favorite piece you created and why?

A: I feel like that’s impossible to say. I love my paintings, all of them, and some definitely more than others. The pieces I thought I loved the most have been sold to happy buyers, and I go home and create more pieces that I love. It’s like a cycle. A way that I’m able to leave my love in the world.

Q: Do you have a new project coming along? What is something you can tell the public about it?

A: It’s hard for me to let people know about projects I work on because my brain is so scattered lol. I work on multiple things at the same time and sometimes give up on them in the process. But one thing I can happily say is this work will be coming from a sensitive place.

Q: What is a long term goal with your career?

A:  I’m hoping in the future I’ll be able to make my craft my career. It’s something that I love and brings me joy-and I know it brings other people joy too. I want to open up a studio space, not a gallery, but a space where I’m able to work on my art, display it, and invite others to join me.  I have a lot of ideas that I can’t share yet lol, but I look forward to it in the future!

Q: What do you like about A.L.I.E.N Entertainment?

A: A.L.I.E.N. has a special place in my heart because they help you create opportunities for yourself while inspiring others to do the same. They recognize the talent that you might just do as a hobby and encourage you to reach a little bit farther.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Blue. All shades of blue. It’s one of those colors that makes me feel comfortable and confident. I think that’s why I use it so often in most of my pieces.