Dee Gomes New Music Video "Life if the Party ft. RCG Melo"

Dee Gomes Drops New Video For Life of the Party Featuring RCG Melo!

After returning back to Rhode Island after another vacation on the west coast and opening for A Boogie at URI. Up and coming Artist Dee Gomes released a video for his new song featuring RCG Melo. With the continuous growth in the industry this is a video that listeners should check out. With the back- drop of an at home movie theater, it also sets the scene to a fun or “lit” summer.

With getting thousands of views with his video Troops and getting noticed with many within the industry, this video is on the same path of success. There are many ways that you can be the life of a party but in the video Dee was for sure it, but shared a great time with close friends. Not only is the video creative but the song is worth a listen. Check out both with the link below.

(Directed By: Alex Sandoval) @Loadinngg Styled By: @Jheistyles Dee Gomes - Life of The Party Stream TRUE COLORS on Spotify: Follow Dee Gomes: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Follow RCG Melo: Instagram: