Kicking it with Jozey Gatsby


Q: When did you figure out that music would impact your life?

A: In Eighth grade, after my first performance rapping at the Middle School Talent show in 2009 (10/10 finale performance with standing ovation).

Q: When dealing with the music process what is your favorite part?

A: Brainstorming and creating in the studio/writing to new beats

Q: Where did your inspiration come with your clothing?

A: It came from me working in a graphic design class and finally being able to physically create ideas that I envision in my head. The lightning bolt is also a symbol that is important  to me for over 15 years; with its meaning of strength AND intelligence being an inspiration for me to beat stereotypes that have been set in place for black men in America. 

Q: When you are not working on your music and projects what do you like to do?

A: Play soccer and spend time with my friends (especially my girlfriend), I also enjoy going out.

Q: What is one of your short term goals?

A: Make XXL Freshman List 2020

Q: What is one of your long term goals?

A: I want to sign a major record deal in order to expand my brand and influence worldwide. I know I have the talent to be a major figure in the music industry and hip hop culture for decades to come, I just come from one of the smallest towns in the smallest state in the country (Barrington, Rhode Island).

Q: What do/ did you like most about your college experience?

A: It has allowed me to step outside of my own comfort zone, but also reminded me of the importance of having your own positive principles and values. It has also shown me that I genuinely do have a gift and need to pursue music wholeheartedly.

Q: What is something you want to tell the public about your newest projects?

A: All of my work is either co-produced or co-engineered by myself as well. 🙏🏾

Q: Who inspires you the most inside the industry? Why?

A: The most inspirational to me inside the industry is J. Cole. He has a very similar story to me with going to college and making music, as well as creating a type of music that I enjoy a lot. I also plan on starting a label of my own, similar to how he made Dreamville, and will use it to build the most powerful conglomerate in music.

Q: Who inspires you the most outside the industry? Why?

A: Outside of the industry my biggest inspiration is my younger brother, Izaiah, who is currently a soccer player at the University of Louisville. This is due to the hard work and obstacles I have seen him overcome on his journey to get where he is now, as well as the fact he is just genuinely my favorite person in the world. One day I wish to give him everything. Not only is he my brother, Izaiah is a big supporter of my music. He paid for my first real studio session over three years ago, where I recorded one of my favorite songs, "Coming Over"

Music VIdeo for Jozey Gatsby's "Game Over", a track from his first all platform album "Not Your Average Joz". Filmed and Edited by Sanni harder, co-directed by Jozey Gatsby..