Interview with DSTACKZ


Q: What is your preferred genre of music to create? What is your preferred genre of music when not creating music? 

A:I have no specific Genre nor do I listen to just 1 Genre of music that’s why my music is so unique to me because I have ears for it all laterally.

Q:When did you know music was going to be a factor in your life? 

A:I knew music was going to be a factor in my life when i dropped out of college in the middle of my freshmen year, I wanted to put my all into this music lifestyle.

Q:When working on a production, how and when do you know when it is complete and ready for vocals?

A:When my producer cooking up a beat with me I know it’s complete when I start just mumbling a melody and harmonizing. Then once words start to actually come to mind it’s a wrap, plug me in.

Q:What producer do you look up to? Why?

A:Young Chop, because when I first started to listen to Hip Hop music in like 2012-2013 I was listening to all Chicago Drill music & All the hottest tracks were on his beats and I was just inspired by that wave of music at the time.

Q: Are you working on a new project? If so do you know when you will release it? 

A:I’m actually working on a 7 Song EP  January 15th i’m going to release on ALL major platforms.

Q: What is one long term goal that you have set with your career?

A: One long term goal I have set with my career is success just to make it outta where i’m at now. We pushing worldwide not local anymore!

Q: If you could work with anybody who would you work with and why? 

A:To be honest I just want to work with my brothers & a slight few other artist in the city (Providence) who I f*** with on a personal level as well. We started this together so we’re going to come up together I stand on that facts.

Q:What do you specifically enjoy about A.L.I.E.N Entertainment?

A:I enjoy everything from A.L.I.E.N Entertainment, that’s family they definitely there for me as a brother not just on A artist level. Their support system crazy!

Q:What do you like to do in your free time? 

A:In my free time, when i’m not in the booth recording I like to spend time with my family and loved ones. The studio is my job so when I’m not there I’m just grinding doing whatever I can to better me on my way to the millions.

Q: What is one thing you would want the public to know about yourself?

A: I would like the public to know that I do this music shit for everyone who shows me genuine love and support. The ones who been fucking with me from the start & never switched up or spoke down on me. I know i’m destined for this career and nobody can get in the way of that facts!